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Kinobe Herbert

Kinobe was born in Uganda where he and his family lived through poverty.During that period many children lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and the war in Northern Uganda. In 2000, after performing a song on the World Aids Day, he was invited to UNICEF by H.E. Michel Sidibe, and shortly became a UNICEF advocate for children on topics of child labor, HIV and girl education.

Kinobe’s music took a big turn towards social work and soon started touring extensively in throughout Africa, Europe and North America, performing,teaching and working with young people. In 2012 he was appointed World Ambassador for the Harmony Foundation (CANADA) supporting their important work on environmental protection and social development and improving the lives of children and their families around the world.

Segawa Bosco

In 1996, Segawa Bosco was a 12-year- old orphan living on the Kampala streets with his three younger sisters. One day he saw children playing brass band music at a private school. He asked the administrators to teach him music too. They said no. He persevered, and came to the school everyday until they relented, and agreed to teach Bosco and his friends on weekends and holidays where he and eight street boys learned to play music, and within a few months they all played brass band instruments well enough to support themselves.

They found a sponsor to pay their rent for two rooms, where they stored their instruments and slept. Wanting a better life for other street children, the boys opened the relative comfort and safety of the rooms to desperate children. Bosco's single-minded focus galvanized these children, as they pulled their lives together. They called themselves M-LISADA (Music, Life Skills, and Destitution Alleviation). This was the start of the M-Lisada Children's Home, a highly regarded orphanage in Kampala today that has reclaimed over 400 children from the streets. The organization houses 50 children and another 80 children come in from the streets every day, for showers, food, counseling, music lessons, a safe place to play, and unqualified support.

Dima Itskovich

A music lover, entrepreneur, adventure seeker and philanthropist at heart. Dima has a unique way of seeing opportunities and creating lasting win/win relationships. You will find Dima at a jam party he organized behind a smoking BBQ enjoying the vibes and the pleasure of bringing the local music and community together and feeding dozens of people. Dima holds Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering) from UBC.
Working in the development and construction industry over the last 11 years, Dima has built a reputation for delivering projects on time, on budget, and of the highest quality. Being involved in construction projects as large as $160M, Dima brings business mindset, structure, execution,organization and just like the rest of our team he dreams BIG.

Geraldine Babirye

Geraldine Babirye is a passionate advocate for children. She spends her days in community listening to the touching and difficult stories of many vulnerable children who have been abandoned, abused or orphaned.After her bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community Education, she worked with the Infections Disease Institute in Kampala, Uganda as a counselor and in 2012 she co-founded heartbeat Children, a social initiative that uses the transforming power of music and dance to raise awareness and improve the way of life for children that are orphaned, displaced or living in poverty.

With Heartbeat Children she is able to live her dream of creating a platform that empowers and brings hope to many children, giving them a purpose and path to achieve their dreams.

Shirley Neal

Screenwriter, producer, and journalist has added certified professional literary ghostwriter to experience.,

Enock Munyagwa

Andrew Simpson
Technical Director

Gilad Babchuk

Gilad has extensive experience establishing, developing and running various organizations, and has founded or co-founded numerous schools, social enterprises and NGOs. Both an educator and social entrepreneur, he was named one of the 50 most influential people in the field of education in Israel (Ha’aretz, 2009). He consults several international companies and institutions in the fields of e-learning, progressive education, and doing business development for bio-tech company (in India, Germany, Singapore, and Israel). Before moving to Canada in 2011, he was Executive Director of the Institute for Democratic Education, an organization that supports and advises administrators and educators in hundreds of public and independent schools across Israel. Gilad was a strategic adviser for several mayors in Israel, the head of the teacher training program in Kibbutzim College of Education Technology & Arts, and the creator of a school principals training program with the Ministry of Education.

Gilad currently sits on the Board of CCEC Credit Union and the Advisory Committee for First Nations Technology Council Bridging to Technology program.He lives in Vancouver with his partner Lilach and their five children

Alan Cahn

Alan Cahn has over 40 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, manager, trainer, executive and coach for high performing teams in business, education and human services. He has a demonstrated track record of success in coaching people with big commitments to realize breakthrough results, working in an international corporate setting as well as with teams, relationships and families. An engaging and relational coach, Alan’s approach starts by collaborating with individuals or groups to identify what truly matters to them and then supporting them in designing clear cut pathways and actions to fulfill that vision - personally and professionally. He has a unique talent for disruptive / context shifting questions and interactions.